1: US Bitcoin ETFs face challenges as $226M in outflows signal potential bubble bursting.

2: Investors reconsider as US Bitcoin ETFs see significant outflows, raising concerns over market stability.

3: Bitcoin ETFs in the US experience $226M in outflows, leading to worries about potential bubble burst.

4: Is the bubble bursting for US Bitcoin ETFs? $226M in outflows raises questions about market sustainability.

5: US Bitcoin ETFs hit hard with $226M outflows, sparking debate on the future of cryptocurrency investments.

6: Outflows of $226M shake US Bitcoin ETF landscape, prompting speculation on the sustainability of current market trends.

7: Investor confidence wavers as US Bitcoin ETFs face $226M in outflows, signaling potential bubble burst.

8: $226M in outflows challenge US Bitcoin ETFs, prompting investors to reassess their cryptocurrency investment strategies.

9: US Bitcoin ETFs rocked by $226M outflows, raising doubts about the longevity of the current market euphoria.