1: "The Simpsons: 30 Years of Controversy and Comedy" Explore the iconic show's history and impact on popular culture.

2: "The Beginnings" Discover how Matt Groening created the dysfunctional yet lovable Simpson family.

3: "Controversies" From stereotypes to social commentary, The Simpsons has always pushed boundaries.

4: "The Legacy" Learn how The Simpsons has influenced other animated series and pop culture.

5: "Fan Favorites" Explore memorable episodes and characters that have captured viewers' hearts.

6: "Cultural Impact" Discover how The Simpsons has addressed current events and issues over the years.

7: "Behind the Scenes" Get a glimpse into the creative process and the voices behind the beloved characters.

8: "30 Years and Counting" Celebrate the show's longevity and enduring popularity around the world.

9: "The Future" Speculate on what's next for The Simpsons and its place in entertainment history.