1: Avoid placing feeders in direct sunlight, as nectar can spoil quickly and harm the birds.

2: Regularly clean feeders with a solution of hot water and vinegar to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

3: Ensure feeders are securely hung to prevent them from swinging or spilling nectar.

4: Use fresh nectar in feeders and avoid adding any chemicals, coloring, or preservatives.

5: Avoid using honey or artificial sweeteners in nectar, as they can be harmful to hummingbirds.

6: Regularly monitor the nectar levels to ensure there is always fresh food for the birds.

7: Avoid overcrowding feeders, as this can lead to aggression among hummingbirds.

8: Keep feeders away from windows to prevent birds from flying into them.

9: Provide a variety of native plants to attract hummingbirds and supplement their diet.