1: "Move on up!" George Jefferson's famous catchphrase inspires us to reach for our dreams and never settle for less.

2: "Honky, please!" George's quick wit and sharp tongue challenged stereotypes and paved the way for diverse representation on TV.

3: "Weezie, I'm home!" George's love for his wife, Weezy, showed us that a strong partnership is the key to success.

4: "Money talks, BS walks." George's business acumen reminds us that financial independence is essential for empowerment.

5: "Black power, brother!" George's unapologetic pride in his heritage continues to inspire generations to embrace their identity.

6: "You're a bum!" George's tough love approach reminds us to hold ourselves and others accountable for their actions.

7: "I made it, Ma!" George's journey from rags to riches reflects the American Dream and the power of perseverance.

8: "Equality feels good." George's fight for justice and equality continues to resonate in today's ongoing struggle for social justice.

9: "I'm moving on up!" Like George Jefferson, we can all strive for greatness and overcome obstacles with determination and resilience.