1: Texas BBQ dates back to the 1800s when cowboys cooked meat over open flames.

2: In the 19th century, German and Czech immigrants influenced Texas BBQ with new techniques and flavors.

3: By the mid-20th century, BBQ joints like Kreuz Market and Black's BBQ gained popularity.

4: Today, Texas BBQ has evolved into a culinary art form, blending traditional and modern methods.

5: Central Texas style BBQ focuses on simple seasoning and slow smoking over post oak wood.

6: East Texas BBQ features chopped beef sandwiches and sweet, tangy tomato-based sauces.

7: South Texas BBQ showcases barbacoa, cooked underground in a pit, traditionally using cow's head.

8: West Texas BBQ highlights mesquite-smoked meats and hearty sides like cowboy beans.

9: The history of Texas BBQ is a flavorful journey from humble beginnings to becoming an iconic culinary tradition.