1: Blue Jays love peanuts, sunflower seeds, and suet. Avoid feeding them salty or sugary snacks.

2: Healthy options include fruits like berries and cherries. Keep your feeder stocked with nutritious choices.

3: Highly processed foods like chips and bread are harmful. Stick to natural, whole foods for blue jays.

4: Blue Jays are attracted to mealworms and insects. Avoid giving them processed meats or leftovers.

5: Check your feeder regularly and provide fresh, clean foods. Avoid moldy or stale offerings.

6: Fill your feeder with a variety of foods to keep blue jays interested and healthy. Avoid artificial colors or flavors.

7: Nuts and seeds are great choices for blue jays. Avoid feeding them foods high in salt or sugar.

8: Blue Jays also enjoy corn and grains. Keep your feeder stocked with a mix of healthy options.

9: Avoid feeding blue jays foods that are harmful to their overall health. Stick to natural, whole foods for a happy flock.