1: Private Practice Greys Anatomy Crossovers Ranked Get ready to dive into the world of crossovers between Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. We've ranked the top moments for you!

2: Addison's Arrival The crossover event that started it all - Addison Montgomery's dramatic entrance into Seattle Grace on Grey's Anatomy set the stage for Private Practice.

3: Amelia's Journey Follow Amelia Shepherd's emotional journey from Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice as she faces challenges and triumphs along the way.

4: Addison and Derek's Reunion Fans were thrilled to see Addison and Derek Shepherd share screen time again in Private Practice, reigniting old flames and sparking new drama.

5: Sam and Bailey's Bond Sam Bennett's unexpected partnership with Miranda Bailey brought a fresh dynamic to both shows, showcasing their strong friendship and support.

6: Charlotte's Impact Charlotte King's evolution from Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice showcased her growth as a character, tackling tough issues with grace and strength.

7: April and Arizona's Adventures The crossover episodes featuring April Kepner and Arizona Robbins added depth to their characters, exploring new relationships and conflicts.

8: Cooper's Comedy Cooper Freedman brought humor and heart to both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, capturing audiences with his wit and charm.

9: The Ultimate Crossovers Discover the most iconic crossovers between Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy, highlighting the unforgettable moments that kept fans hooked.