1: NCIS & JAG served as the inspiration for each other, with JAG airing first in 1995.

2: NCIS debuted in 2003 as a backdoor pilot on the popular show JAG.

3: The JAG characters were introduced in season 8 of NCIS in a crossover episode.

4: NCIS features several references to JAG characters and storylines throughout its series.

5: The relationship between NCIS and JAG allows for potential crossover episodes in the future.

6: JAG laid the foundation for the NCIS franchise, creating a successful spin-off.

7: Both NCIS and JAG are known for their engaging storylines and strong character development.

8: The connection between NCIS and JAG adds depth and continuity to both series.

9: Fans of both NCIS and JAG will appreciate the interconnectedness of these two popular TV shows.