1: 1. Agent Gibbs returns to Hawaii. 2. Torres goes undercover in a drug ring. 3. Fan-favorite character bids farewell.

2: 4. Torres discovers a betrayal within the team. 5. Bishop uncovers a long-lost sibling. 6. McGee's past comes back to haunt him.

3: 7. Ziva makes a surprising return. 8. Dr. Mallard reveals a dark secret. 9. Director Vance faces a life-threatening situation.

4: 10. Agent Sloane's undercover operation goes wrong. 11. Palmer gets caught in a dangerous situation. 12. Gibbs has a shocking confrontation with an old enemy.

5: 13. Bishop's loyalty to the team is tested. 14. Torres makes a life-changing decision. 15. McGee uncovers a conspiracy within NCIS.

6: 16. Ziva's past comes back to haunt her. 17. Dr. Mallard's expertise is put to the test. 18. Director Vance's leadership is questioned.

7: 19. Agent Sloane's dark past is revealed. 20. Palmer's family is put in danger. 21. Gibbs must make a difficult choice.

8: 22. Torres faces a moral dilemma. 23. Bishop's secret threatens to destroy the team. 24. McGee's loyalty is put to the test.

9: 25. Ziva's fate hangs in the balance. 26. Dr. Mallard's life is in danger. 27. Director Vance makes a heartbreaking decision. These shocking plot twists will keep viewers on the edge of their seats in NCIS Hawaii.