1: Meet Joey Tribbiani: The lovable ladies' man from Friends with surprise cameos you missed.

2: Adam Goldberg: Remember the guy from the prom video? He also appeared on Friends.

3: Alec Baldwin: The famous actor made a quick appearance on one episode of Friends.

4: Brad Pitt: Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband guest starred as Will, Ross' high school friend.

5: Fisher Stevens: He played Phoebe's date before she ended up with Mike.

6: Reese Witherspoon: In a few episodes, she played Rachel's sister.

7: George Clooney: Yes, the George Clooney had a cameo on Friends.

8: Winona Ryder: She appeared as Rachel's college friend.

9: Jon Favreau: Who knew the director had a small role on Friends?