1: "Happy Days Spinoffs: Where Are They Now? The Fonz and his crew have come a long way since their days in Milwaukee."

2: "Joanie Loves Chachi: Catch up with Joanie and Chachi as they continue their musical journey together."

3: "Laverne & Shirley: Discover what Laverne and Shirley are up to these days, still causing laughs wherever they go."

4: "Mork & Mindy: Find out where Mork and Mindy's intergalactic adventures have taken them since leaving Boulder, Colorado."

5: "The Blansky's Beauties: See what life is like for Nancy Blansky and her group of aspiring showgirls in Vegas."

6: "Out of the Blue: Uncover where the angel Arthur, Henry, and their earthly friends are now, still spreading love and laughter."

7: "Happy Days Reunion: Join the cast as they come together for a special reunion, reminiscing on the good times."

8: "Happy Days Legacy: Explore the impact of the show's spinoffs and how they continue to influence TV today."

9: "Happy Days Forever: The spirit of Richie, the Fonz, and the gang lives on, bringing joy and nostalgia to fans everywhere."