1: 1. Madison’s past as a guidance counselor plays a key role in Season 1. 2. Travis struggles with his son, Chris, as the apocalypse unfolds. 3. Nick’s drug addiction serves as a major plot point throughout the season.

2: 4. Daniel Salazar's mysterious past is slowly revealed in Season 1. 5. The family encounters the enigmatic Strand and his luxury yacht. 6. Alicia grapples with the loss of her boyfriend, Matt, early on in the season.

3: 7. The group faces off against the infected and dangerous walkers. 8. The military presence in Los Angeles causes tension and conflict. 9. The formation of the blended family dynamic proves challenging for everyone.

4: 10. Liza's secret plans with Dr. Exner add a new layer of complexity. 11. The group's fight for survival intensifies as resources become scarce. 12. The theme of trust and betrayal runs deep throughout Season 1.

5: 13. Chris faces the harsh realities of the apocalypse in unexpected ways. 14. The group discovers the dangers of the infected and the living alike. 15. Madison's leadership skills are put to the test as decisions become life or death.

6: 16. Strand's secretive motivations come to light as the season progresses. 17. Nick's unique ability to walk among the dead gives the group an advantage. 18. The group's journey to safety reveals unexpected alliances and betrayals.

7: 19. Travis and Madison's relationship is tested as the world falls apart. 20. The mysterious figure of "Cobalt" looms large over the group's survival efforts. 21. The significance of the infected and their transformation is explored in depth.

8: 22. The characters must navigate the moral complexities of the new world order. 23. The reveal of the military's true intentions changes everything for the group. 24. The struggle for power and control drives many characters to extreme actions.

9: 25. The shocking season finale leaves the group fractured and uncertain. 26. Season 1 sets the stage for the group's evolution and survival in the apocalypse. 27. Explore the depths of fear and survival in Fear the Walking Dead: Season 1.