1: 1. Cheers: Norm's rant about his wife, Vera, being constantly missing. 2. Frasier: Niles getting stuck on a ski lift with Daphne.

2: 3. Cheers: Cliff's conspiracy theories about government secrets. 4. Frasier: Frasier and Niles getting into an epic food fight.

3: 5. Cheers: Sam shutting down Carla's attempts to hit on him. 6. Frasier: Frasier's disastrous blind date with a supermodel.

4: 7. Cheers: Diane's dramatic monologue during a play rehearsal. 8. Frasier: Martin's hilarious gags at the radio station.

5: 9. Cheers: Carla's prank on the guys involving a fake lottery ticket. 10. Frasier: Roz's embarrassing run-in with a former flame.

6: 11. Cheers: Coach's ridiculous stories about his glory days in baseball. 12. Frasier: Niles mistaking a dog for a person at a party.

7: 13. Cheers: Norm getting a job as a beer taster. 14. Frasier: Frasier's disastrous attempt at stand-up comedy.

8: 15. Cheers: Cliff accidentally setting the bar on fire. 16. Frasier: Niles getting trapped in an awkward conversation with Roz.

9: 17. Cheers: The gang becoming obsessed with a trivia game. 18. Frasier: Frasier and Niles accidentally breaking a priceless vase.