1: Meet The Flash, the scarlet speedster known for his quick wit and even quicker feet.

2: Captain Cold, the ice-cold villain with a freeze gun and a chilling attitude.

3: Reverse Flash, the evil speedster with a dark past and a need for vengeance.

4: Gorilla Grodd, the super-intelligent primate with telepathic powers and a thirst for power.

5: Zoom, the relentless speedster obsessed with defeating The Flash at any cost.

6: Mirror Master, the tricky villain who can create portals and trap his enemies in alternate realities.

7: Weather Wizard, the sinister magician who can control the elements with his weather wand.

8: Trickster, the deranged prankster with a penchant for deadly practical jokes.

9: Captain Boomerang, the Aussie assassin with deadly accuracy and a love for throwing his deadly boomerangs.