1: Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy for heartburn relief. It helps balance stomach acid levels and soothes inflammation.

2: The acidity of apple cider vinegar can help improve digestion and prevent heartburn flare-ups.

3: Mix one tablespoon of ACV with water and drink before meals to aid in digestion and reduce heartburn symptoms.

4: ACV can promote healthy gut bacteria, which can regulate stomach acid and prevent heartburn.

5: In addition to heartburn relief, apple cider vinegar may also help with weight loss and overall health.

6: For best results, choose organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar that contains the "mother."

7: Consult a healthcare provider before adding ACV to your routine, especially if you have existing health conditions.

8: Avoid consuming apple cider vinegar undiluted, as it may cause irritation to the throat and stomach lining.

9: Incorporate apple cider vinegar into your diet gradually to determine the optimal dosage for heartburn relief.