1: The Jeffersons: A groundbreaking sitcom that explored social issues with humor and heart.

2: Meet George and Weezy: The dynamic duo that captured America's heart in The Jeffersons.

3: Movin' on Up: The iconic theme song that became synonymous with The Jeffersons.

4: Diversity and Representation: How The Jeffersons paved the way for Black television.

5: Sherman Hemsley: The legendary actor who brought George Jefferson to life.

6: The Jefferson Legacy: How this spinoff continues to resonate with audiences today.

7: The Jeffersons Reunion: A look back at the beloved cast coming together for a special event.

8: Behind the Scenes: The untold stories of the cast and crew of The Jeffersons.

9: The Jeffersons' Impact: Celebrating the lasting legacy of this groundbreaking sitcom.