1: Torchy's Tacos offers a secret menu with unique items like The Hipster, The Matador, and The Ace of Spades.

2: Try The Scallywag, a secret item with fried shrimp, cabbage slaw, and Diablo hot sauce.

3: The Mad Cow taco is a secret menu favorite at Torchy's Tacos, featuring marinated and grilled beef fajitas.

4: For a spicy twist, order The Roscoe taco from Torchy's secret menu, made with smoked beef brisket and grilled jalapenos.

5: The Jack of Clubs taco is a secret menu gem at Torchy's Tacos, filled with grilled marinated steak and bacon.

6: Indulge in The Trailer Park Hillbilly Style, a secret menu item at Torchy's Tacos with fried chicken and green chiles.

7: The Hipster taco from Torchy's secret menu is a must-try, featuring panko-crusted fried tuna, bacon, and black bean relish.

8: Add The Ace of Spades to your order from Torchy's secret menu, a taco with barbacoa and fried avocado.

9: Don't miss The Matador taco from Torchy's secret menu, filled with marinated and grilled jalapeno sausage and grilled onions.