1: Never feed hummingbirds honey; it can cause deadly fungal infections. Opt for sugar water instead.

2: Avoid artificial sweeteners for hummingbirds; they lack essential nutrients. Use natural nectar instead.

3: Don't offer red dye to hummingbirds; it can harm their health. Stick to clear nectar.

4: Steer clear of fruit juices for hummingbirds; they lack necessary nutrients. Stick to sugar water.

5: Avoid pesticides in hummingbird food; they are toxic. Use organic sugar water instead.

6: Never give hummingbirds spoiled nectar; it can be harmful. Replace it with fresh sugar water.

7: Don't feed hummingbirds bread; it provides no nutritional value. Opt for natural nectar instead.

8: Avoid offering hummingbirds caffeine; it can be harmful. Stick to sugar water.

9: Never give hummingbirds alcohol; it is toxic to them. Offer sugar water instead.