This Rare Bicentennial Quarter Has Nearly $60K Value: 7 More Worth Over $6,000

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The realm of coin collecting is a trove of surprises and riches, with some treasures hiding in plain view.

Among these, certain quarters stand apart not only for their historical importance but also for their astonishing monetary worth.


One such standout is the Bicentennial Quarter, minted in 1976 to commemorate 200 years of American independence, with a rare variant valued at nearly $60,000.

Yet, this quarter is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s explore a selection of seven additional quarters, each commanding prices exceeding $6,000.


1976 Bicentennial Quarter – Nearly $60,000

Minted in 1976, this quarter features a distinctive design with a drummer on the reverse and a dual date of 1776-1976.

Its exceptional value stems from a rare variant struck in 40% silver, with only a few escaping collector sets to circulate.


An uncirculated specimen of this variant can fetch close to $60,000 at auction.

1932-D Washington Quarter – Over $20,000

The 1932-D Washington quarter is pivotal for collectors due to its low mintage of 436,800, making it one of the scarcest in its series.


In pristine condition, it can command over $20,000, bolstered by its historical significance as the inaugural piece in the Washington quarter lineup.

1932-S Washington Quarter – Around $15,000

Similar in rarity to its Denver counterpart, the 1932-S is highly coveted, particularly when found in uncirculated condition.


Collectors are willing to pay approximately $15,000 for this quarter, reflecting its scarcity and desirability.

1942-P Proof Washington Quarter – Up to $12,000

The 1942-P proof quarter is esteemed for its limited mintage as part of proof sets, boasting a mirror-like finish indicative of careful striking.


A well-preserved example can fetch up to $12,000, underscoring its rarity and craftsmanship.

1950-D/S Overmintmark Quarter – Approximately $10,000

This quarter bears a rare error where the Denver mintmark was inadvertently stamped over the San


Francisco mintmark, a discovery that enhances its allure among collectors.

A specimen in prime condition can secure around $10,000.


1937-S Washington Quarter – Nearly $8,000

Another rarity from the early Washington quarter series, the 1937-S is prized for its low mintage.

Finding it in uncirculated state is a challenge, with collectors valuing it close to $8,000 for its scarcity and visual appeal.


1943-S Washington Quarter – Over $6,000

Minted during World War II when metals were scarce, the 1943-S quarter is scarce in top grades.

Examples in superb condition can exceed $6,000, making it a sought-after item for serious collectors.


1950-S/D Overmintmark Quarter – Above $6,000

Similar to the 1950-D/S variant, the 1950-S/D quarter features an overmintmark error, where the San Francisco mintmark was stamped over the Denver mintmark.

These errors are rare and highly prized, often commanding prices above $6,000 for well-preserved specimens.


In conclusion

The world of rare quarters offers more than just monetary value; each piece tells a story of history and craftsmanship.

Whether you’re an avid collector or a curious observer, these coins provide a captivating glimpse into the past, preserving a legacy of wealth and wonder through the ages.


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