Suits Was Almost Named A Legal Mind and 7 Other Takeaways from the Reunion Panel

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Shortly after the exciting announcement that Suits Season 9 will be released on Netflix in July, along with the first eight seasons, the ATX TV Festival concluded its long weekend of events with a Suits reunion panel.

The panel was filled with laughs, recurring bits, and behind-the-scenes stories.


The guests included Patrick J. Adams, Sarah Rafferty, Dulé Hill, Amanda Schull, and Abigail Spencer, along with former president of USA Network Jeff Wachtel.

The dynamic group shared freely while answering questions, providing an abundance of fascinating revelations.


Suits lovers, let’s dive into some golden nuggets you might not know, from auditions and a new podcast to the alternate industry Suits was originally going to be about.

Sarah Rafferty and Patrick J. Adams Launch a Suits Podcast

Sarah Rafferty and Patrick J. Adams have an exciting new project for Suits fans.


They announced a Suits podcast titled Sidebar: A Suits Watch Podcast.

Adams emphasizes the “watch” in the title. “We’re not calling it a ‘rewatch podcast’ because we are watching it for the first time together, and we are recording a podcast that’s documenting that journey.


It’s going to be coming out really soon.”

Abigail Spencer’s Unexpected Role

A Single Episode Turned Recurring

Abigail Spencer, who plays Dana Scott, was originally only supposed to appear in one episode.


“[Casting director] Bonnie Zane and [creator] Aaron [Korsh] called me and said, ‘I wrote this role with you in mind.’ I got a DVD sent to me, and Bonnie Zane said, ‘Just watch it.

I know it hasn’t aired yet, but I think it’s really special.’ And she was right. I watched it, and I had just done a stint on Mad Men, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Mad Men for lawyers.’”


Amanda Schull’s Audition Journey

From Rachel Zane to Katrina Bennett

Amanda Schull, who plays Katrina Bennett, originally auditioned for the role of Rachel Zane.

“I won’t forget this because I was really excited,” Schull recalls. “I really liked the writing of it.


The audition was Rachel Zane just banging out a monologue, showing Mike where things were.

‘This is this and that’s that.’ I was so nervous I could actually see my heart beating in my dress. I didn’t do a great job.”


Despite feeling it wasn’t her strongest audition, Schull got another opportunity.

“Bonnie called me back.


To think that a casting director could have enough faith to bring you back because they know that you’re more than the pit stains you were that day.

That’s so much more support than we sometimes feel we’re given [as actors].


I didn’t get the job, but then I actually went in for every single female guest star there was.

That’s not an exaggeration: I went in for every single female guest star, the whole first season and then half of the second season.


And then I got a call that they had written a role with me in mind, and I still had to audition for it.”

Suits’ Wall Street Origins

Suits originated as a screenplay about Wall Street. Jeff Wachtel revealed that Aaron Korsh had written the series as a film about Wall Street.


“Aaron had been an investment banker and actually made a little bit of money in his twenties.

He took the little money he had in the bank, drove out to California [and] worked as a writer’s assistant on seven shows until finally somebody said, ‘Yeah, you’re pretty good.


I’ll give you a gig as an actual writer.’ My junior development guy at the time, Alex Sepiol, said, ‘This is not a writing sample.

This is something we should do.’


“It was interesting because the development process was very difficult.

Every year we had our development meetings, and Alex would go, ‘Let’s do Aaron’s show.’ And he was voted down.


And he was voted down [again]. The third year [they said], ‘Alright, let’s give it a shot.’”

The Original Name for Suits

At the time Patrick J. Adams was being cast, not only did the show have an alternate title, but it was also about a different line of work.


“It was called A Legal Mind. Originally the show was about accountants.”

The Contest that Named Suits

Finding the Perfect Title

Jeff Wachtel motivated his peers to come up with a usable name for the series, recalling, “We offered a 100-dollar Starbucks card to everybody in the organization who could come up with a title.


Alex [Sepiol], a development exec, won the prize. He named the show, which at first [I] was like, ‘Suits? Really?’ I wasn’t sure. We were desperate.

I mean, it said Untitled Aaron Korsh, and we were like, ‘Guys, at some point that’s not going to look good on the billboard.’


And we ended up with the title. I think it was just kind of perfect for the show.”

Sarah Rafferty’s Casting Story

A Friend’s Recommendation

A co-star was the one who told Sarah Rafferty to audition. “I had just done a pilot.


This is the story that we all share: [do] the pilot, and then you find out it doesn’t get picked up.” Rafferty describes a scenario that resonates with her fellow actors.

“I was going to my friend’s premiere that night, and I hang up the phone having [received the] news that suddenly I didn’t have the job.


This friend said to me, ‘Great, I just signed on to do a show. I’m going to email you the script when I get home.

Promise me, promise me you will audition. Promise me. It looks like a really small part, but I know they’re going to make it into a series regular.’ That friend was Gabriel [Macht].”


The Unique Casting Process of Macht and Adams

No Chemistry Read Required

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams never did a chemistry read. “We never sat in a room and read lines together,” Adams recalls.

“The first time I met Gabriel was after we’d both been cast, and we went out to lunch.


We were like, ‘Hi, how are you? We’re going to do this thing.’ It was not an exciting lunch.

It was just two guys praying the other one wasn’t a complete dick. ‘Please let him be cool. Please let him be cool.’”


Macht had done a lot of work and was a movie star in many ways.

Adams was coming from a different perspective, feeling the need to prove himself. “I was coming in going, ‘I need to fight for every moment, because I don’t know that I’m going to be able to do this for a living.


If this thing doesn’t work out, I don’t know if I have anything.’

It was just sort of desperate hunger. Whereas for Gabriel, he was like, ‘I guess I’ll do this. We’ll see.’”


Behind the Scenes: Favorite Moments and Challenges

Unseen Humor and Camaraderie

The Suits reunion panel was not just about the official stories and announcements.

The cast shared numerous anecdotes about their time on set, highlighting the camaraderie and humor that permeated the production.


Patrick J. Adams reminisced about the pranks they used to play on each other, and Sarah Rafferty spoke about the intense but enjoyable late-night shoots.

Amanda Schull mentioned how the tight-knit nature of the cast and crew made even the toughest days enjoyable.


The Evolution of Suits’ Characters

Growth and Development

Throughout its nine seasons, Suits saw significant character development.

Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht, evolved from a slick, confident lawyer into a more nuanced character who showed vulnerability and depth.


Mike Ross, portrayed by Patrick J. Adams, transitioned from a fraud to a legitimate lawyer, highlighting his moral struggles and growth.

Rachel Zane, played by Meghan Markle, grew from a paralegal into a lawyer, showcasing her determination and resilience.


Suits left a lasting impact on popular culture. Its sharp dialogue, stylish wardrobe, and engaging storylines set it apart from other legal dramas.

The show also gained a significant following for its depiction of legal and corporate machinations, combined with personal drama.


The Legacy of Suits

Suits paved the way for future legal dramas, demonstrating that legal shows could be both entertaining and insightful.

The show’s emphasis on character development and relationships set a new standard for the genre.



Well, there you have it, Suits fans — a lot to chew on while you brace yourself for Season 9 on Netflix.

The reunion panel at the ATX TV Festival provided a treasure trove of insights and stories that highlight the unique journey of Suits from its origins to its current status as a beloved series.


Whether it’s the new podcast, the casting stories, or the show’s impact on pop culture, there’s plenty for fans to appreciate and look forward to.


1. When will Suits Season 9 be available on Netflix?

Suits Season 9 will be released on Netflix in July, along with the first eight seasons.


2. What is the name of the new Suits podcast by Sarah Rafferty and Patrick J. Adams?

The podcast is titled Sidebar: A Suits Watch Podcast.

3. Was Abigail Spencer originally meant to have a recurring role on Suits?

No, Abigail Spencer was initially supposed to appear in


only one episode, but her role expanded due to the character’s popularity and impact.

4. What was the original concept for Suits?

Suits was originally conceived as a screenplay about Wall Street, not a legal drama.


5. How did Suits get its name?

The title Suits was chosen through a contest among the show’s staff, with the winning suggestion coming from development executive Alex Sepiol.


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