Simone Biles Is Ready for ‘Big Stages’ and ‘Personal Bests’ in New Ad Ahead of Olympic Trials

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Simone Biles, the gymnastics superstar renowned for her gravity-defying skills and resilience, is gearing up for the upcoming Olympic trials with a new ad campaign that underscores her readiness for “big stages” and her pursuit of “personal bests.”

The ad, which has quickly garnered attention, highlights Biles’ unwavering determination and her ongoing quest for excellence as she aims for another remarkable Olympic journey.


The Ad Campaign

Released earlier this week, the ad features Biles in a series of powerful and dynamic routines, showcasing her signature moves that have captivated audiences worldwide.

The narrative focuses on her preparation for the Olympic trials, emphasizing her readiness to compete at the highest level and her dedication to achieving personal milestones.


The ad’s tagline, “Big Stages and Personal Bests,” encapsulates Biles’ approach to her sport – a relentless pursuit of perfection and an ability to shine under pressure.

A Journey of Resilience and Triumph

Biles’ path to the Olympic trials has been one of resilience and triumph.


Following her courageous decision to withdraw from several events at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 to focus on her mental health, Biles has been an outspoken advocate for athlete well-being.

Her return to competition has been marked by a renewed focus on both physical and mental preparation, inspiring athletes around the world to prioritize their holistic health.


Focus on Personal Bests

In the ad, Biles speaks candidly about her goals, highlighting the importance of pushing her limits and achieving new personal bests.

“It’s not just about winning medals,” she states.


“It’s about continuously striving to be better than I was yesterday.”

This message resonates deeply within the athletic community, emphasizing the significance of personal growth and self-improvement.


Anticipation for the Olympic Trials

The upcoming Olympic trials are set to be a major event, with fans eagerly awaiting Biles’ performance.

As the most decorated gymnast in World Championship history, Biles’ participation brings a heightened level of excitement and anticipation.


Her readiness for the trials, as depicted in the ad, suggests that she is poised to deliver performances that could once again redefine the sport.

Legacy of Inspiration

Simone Biles’ influence extends far beyond her impressive medal count. She has become a symbol of excellence, perseverance, and advocacy for mental health.


Her new ad campaign not only builds excitement for the Olympic trials but also serves as a source of inspiration for athletes and fans worldwide.

By focusing on her readiness for big stages and her commitment to personal bests, Biles continues to set a powerful example of what it means to pursue greatness.



As Simone Biles prepares for the Olympic trials, her latest ad campaign is a testament to her incredible journey and unwavering spirit.

With a focus on big stages and personal bests, Biles is not only ready to compete but also to inspire and captivate audiences around the globe.


Her legacy as one of the greatest athletes in history continues to grow, fueled by her extraordinary talent and relentless pursuit of excellence.


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